products and services

HFS Helvetic Financial Services AG, a company of the CORESTATE Capital Group, is one of the leading providers of mezzanine finance on the German residential and commercial real estate market and acts as advisor to numerous funds.

HFS AG was one of the first companies to discover the great potential of mezzanine finance. Since launching its first fund in 2009, HFS AG has established itself as market leader in this segment.

quality standards

Our team and external appraisers select and examine each individual investment in detail

We use a 4-step investment process that focuses on reviewing in detail potential investments across the entire process


Our investments focus on special-purpose projects


We offer high security through registration in the land register and/or collateral in line with common banking practice


Excellence is
our benchmark.


Our clients are already successful and continue striving for success. Our understanding of success is that it demands quality, commitment and innovation.

Integrity is
our principle.


Our clients and business partners trust us – and rightly so.
Integrity and discretion are the basis of our business.

Independence is
our key asset.


Based on our deepest conviction and years of market expertise, we recognise that freedom from conflicts of interest is essential for the quality of our advice. This is particularly true in difficult market phases. Neutrality based on independence is an absolute pre-condition for our business model and our consulting approach.